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Creëer een rustgevende woonruimte met pit.
Creëer een rustgevende woonruimte met pit.

Xandy Table lamp Gold

Originele prijs €89,95 - Originele prijs €89,95
Originele prijs
€89,95 - €89,95
Huidige prijs €89,95
The Xandy Table Lamp Gold consists of a brushed golden frame with a smoke glass ball. This model table lamp is a unique modern lamp that you can use both at home and in the office. The lamp comes with a smoke glass bulb. The size of the lamp can be found at the bottom: Glass ø20cm Height 50cm We also have this Xandy Table Lamp in a black color. We also have this model as a floor lamp in both colours. Bulbs with an E27 fitting are suitable for this lamp. Complete your lamp by ordering the corresponding lamps. You can find this under the heading Lamps > Lamps.

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