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Creëer een rustgevende woonruimte met pit.
Creëer een rustgevende woonruimte met pit.

Whale Chair Coco

Originele prijs €199,90 - Originele prijs €199,90
Originele prijs
€199,90 - €199,90
Huidige prijs €199,90
The Whale Chair features a unique and eye-catching design that resembles the graceful curves of a whale. Its distinctive shape and smooth lines create a visually appealing silhouette that stands out in any room. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this chair is not only functional but also serves as a statement piece of furniture.

The fabric used is luxurious to the touch but also resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that the chair maintains its elegance over time. To enhance comfort, the Whale Chair Coco features padding throughout, including the seat, backrest, and armrests. This ensures optimal support and relaxation, allowing you to sit comfortably for extended periods.

Its wide and deep seat made of plastic provides a cozy and inviting feel, making it an ideal dining chair.

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